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“The advice and knowledge you’re looking for.”
2007 Realtor Association Chairman
Dave Schmidt

Dave Schmidt has been awarded the 2008 Realtor of the Year, as well as the 2009 Outstanding Service Award. He has also served as the 2007 Realtor Association Chairman, and is currently the 2009 Chairman of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Board.

After 37 years in the real estate industry, Milwaukee real estate broker Dave Schmidt Realty has seen it all. We’ve outlasted thousands of real estate agents who have come and gone in the Greater Milwaukee area, survived the ups and downs of the real estate market, and remain standing as one of the best success stories of any family owned business.

Not your typical real estate company, Dave Schmidt Realty does it all: We are a full service MLS (Multiple Listing Service) broker working with sellers, working with buyers (buyers agency), the rental market, foreclosures, rehabs, you name it - we’ve got the advice and knowledge you’re looking for. Because truth be told that is what we are selling – our knowledge and experience.

Our business is concentrated mainly on the south side of Milwaukee County, but we work as far north as Mequon, as far south as Caledonia, as far west as Oconomowoc and Mukwonago all the way east to beautiful Lake Michigan.

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